Our approach – tailored to your individual needs.

A multifaceted partner.

You can rely on PANADUR as your innovation partner of choice to realize your most demanding coating projects. We will fulfil your needs swiftly and effectively with our PANADUR system based on polyurea.
The PANADUR system is characterised by its modularity and flexibility. It uniquely combines functionality with the colour combination of your choice. It can be applied on various substrates and will meet your need for a particular surface structure.

Diverse colours.

Be creative – explore new horizons with the PANADUR system. There are no limits to your creativity. We can provide you with all the RAL and NCS colours. You will be amazed at how accurately your colour requirements are met. A further specialty is the realization of metal effects according to the customer's wishes, especially for the RIM-technology.

Diverse functions.

We can accurately determine coating properties and functions to your liking by using nanoparticles such as carbon nanotubes, silicone dioxide and silver and thus generate antimicrobial, flame retardant, scratch resistant, infrared absorbing or thermally conductive solutions.

Diverse materials.

Whether you wish to work with composite, metal, plastic, concrete, wood or mineral materials, PANADUR can develop the right kind of solution for every substrate.

Diverse surfaces.

Your design is unique - you should not be forced to make any compromises. From matte to piano lacquer-esque, right through to structured surface reliefs  in the RIM-process on the basis of our globally unique release agent-free  coating system  we can successfully realize almost every unusual design requirement.