Further Applications.

Measuring Device Cases

Polyurea systems are also outstandingly well-suited to use in the processing of measuring device housing. The enriched functional surface, thanks to nanoparticles, has an antimicrobial effect and is chemically resistant. This creates a high level of resistance and, in combination with the longevity of the PANADUR material, offers a unique advantage.


  • Functional antimicrobial and fungicidal surface thanks to nanoparticles
  • High chemical resistance
  • Free of compounds containing organotin, chromate or other heavy metal

Medical Devices

Our polyurea with special nanoparticles offer an intelligent surface, which independently fights bacteria through the antimicrobial effectiveness and is ideally suited for medical devices and the medical environment. PANADUR also offers individually adjustable design options at an unbeatable price.


  • Functional antimicrobial surface thanks to nanoparticles
  • High load capacity of the material
  • High resistance

Consumer Electronics

Due to their environmental friendliness the products of the PANADUR are very well suited for the realization of new utility value characteristics in the one-shot process combined with sophisticated design in all areas of daily life.

The combination of haptic properties and piano lacquer-esque surfaces with novel effect pigments and classic colors combined with light effects represent sustainable approaches for the industrial designers of the younger generation. Here PANADUR with its release agent-free systems is an innovative partner.