ColorForm – Excellent Surface Coatings in a one-shot process.

Innovation in process technology: PANADUR and KraussMaffei set standards together with the ColorForm process

PANADUR, together with KraussMaffei and further partners (Weidplas, Hofmann), is offering a modern process innovation from injection moulding and reaction technology. With a demonstrator component for the automotive industry, KraussMaffei has been able, with the help of PANADUR, to position itself as a leading provider of integrated processes for surface-coated components. With the help of the unique polyurea surface coating by PANADUR, KraussMaffei has once again been able to position itself as technology leader for optimum process combinations that significantly improve the efficiency and waste reduction of the respective production process. The ColorForm process is based on a spray cast process, in the follow up to which painting is added to the tool. The particularity in this is that after the spray cast process of the thermoplastic body material a second external work step is not needed. Instead the base carrier unit is flooded with polyurea (PUA), which is directly applied to the mould cavity.

ColorForm – Excellent Surface Coatings in a one-shot process

More components manufactured in a one-shot process

In the automotive industry in particular, the highest requirements of product quality are more than just a basic prerequisite. The ColorForm process not only completely meets these requirements, but also sets standards in terms of efficiency. The benefits for customers are obvious: freedom of mould release agents not only ensures a shorter process interval period, but also increases the maintenance intervals at the same time. High-gloss and surface-textured products are directly generated from the tool and completed without separate repolishing. Thanks to the high-quality, functionally versatile, differentiable coatings by PANADUR there is no longer anything standing in the way of a commercial realisation of high-quality surfaces. A refined look and high-quality appreciation of visible and covered parts significantly increase the product attractiveness and consequently sales. Spraying, painting and hardening – these three steps are reduced to a single process step by the ColorForm process. Customers receive the completely refined components with surface coatings, configured to request, in the one-shot process. The consequences alongside lower manufacturing costs are also a reduction of work waste.

Polyurea by PANADUR – best coating material for the realisation of piano-black surfaces

Polyurea by PANADUR is used as a solvent-free coating especially for the coating of moulded parts in the ColorForm process. PANADUR polyurea is outstandingly suited to the permanent realisation of surfaces that have to withstand a high level of mechanical scratching and UV stresses and is a successfully certified and long-term tested PANADUR product, developed for interior and exterior applications in the automotive industry. PANADUR polyurea products for the ColorForm process are available in BLACK, CLEAR and METALLIC.

Thermosetting polyurea high-gloss paint ready for series production

For the first time a polyurea coating is adorning the a-pillars of the new Peugeot 3008 SUV – a world's first in process technology. The fact that it is not a conventional injection-moulded part, but the latest generation of an exterior panel in piano lacquer black shows the forward-looking manufacturing process in which the thermoplastic basic body is flooded with the thermosetting high-gloss paint, free of release agent, while still in the tool.

The challenge for PANADUR was to solve many detailed tasks in order to fulfil the ambitious expectations of the original equipment manufacturer PSA in terms of appearance, multiple resistance, a seamless acceptable parts production as well a distinct efficiency with the new thermoplastic/thermosetting hybrids.

The ColorForm process developed together with KraussMaffei and WEIDPLAS has proven itself to be more sustainable, higher value and more affordable than that in the conventional production process with downstream wet coating. PANADUR determined a moderate need for optimisation with various stress tests in terms of the material development. These were implemented and now complete the specific checking procedures of PSA.

Product benefits of the PANADUR surface coating

  • Mould release agent-free application and formulation leads to fewer scrap rates
  • Cost benefits thanks to extremely short cycle times in the ColorForm process
  • Significantly more scratch-resistant than current series coatings based on PMMA
  • High mechanical resistance
  • Being solvent-free means improved environmental safety and surface quality
  • Very high chemical resistance in the ColorForm process
  • Perfectly uniform surfaces
  • Detailed illustration of microstructures and texturisations
  • All shades can be presented (even in a metal effect)
  • Precise separating edges between various paint colours or paint and carrier
  • Conformity with REACH, GADSL and HCS 2012
  • Sharp design edges even on extracts
  • Simultaneous application of various shades
  • Free of solvents, softening agents, catalysts and organometallic compounds
  • Free from solvents, plasticisers, catalysts and organometallic compounds