Coating Partners

PANADUR offers functional surface coating for almost every substrate and for a virtually endless number of applications. Polyurea systems by PANADUR are exceptionally well-suited to the seamless and jointless surface protection of solid and porous substrates.

Industrial Partners

Thanks to its expertise with the material polyurea PANADUR offers a modern and innovative surface coating that sets standards in the automotive and industrial sectors thanks to a specialised and customer-specific, highly individualised in-mould-coating process.

We help you to realise your ideas.

PANADUR GmbH is a provider of leading-edge coating systems based on polyurea. We provide our customers wide-ranging surface coating solutions for various functional applications, industries and materials. PANADUR stands for bespoke customer solutions thanks to our innovative and environmentally friendly coating systems.
Our highly innovative and widely acclaimed approach to offering custom made solutions is based on the patented PANADUR system, using various nanoparticles to enhance the functionality of your coating.