Coating Partners

PANADUR offers functional surface coating for almost every substrate and for a virtually endless number of applications. Polyurea systems by PANADUR are exceptionally well-suited to the seamless and jointless surface protection of solid and porous substrates.


PANADUR offers an innovative, solvent-free coating system based on aliphatic polyurea for the release agent-free coating of plastic moldings in the tool. Due to the high utility value properties, such as UV resistance, chemical resistance and scratch resistance these systems are used in the interior and exterior. The unique freedom of release agent sets standards by very good processability.

PANADUR Product Brochure RIM.

The product brochure provides more information about the development of PANADUR and the current portfolio of release agent-free and solvent-free coating systems.

PANADUR polyurea systems are today processed in all common RIM technologies (ColorForm, Clearmelt, Colormelt, Direct Coating) and with the corresponding reaction machines of all known manufacturers.

All systems are REACH-compliant and can be processed at low temperatures and low viscosities.


Research project "Moulded skins for decorative surfaces".

The innovative strength of PANADUR is supported by the Land of Saxony-Anhalt and the European Union in context with the research project "Moulded skins for decorartive surfaces"